Hi! Thank you for visiting the online home of Jeff Harris Photography!

My name is Jeff. I am your friendly, professional, knowledgeable and reliable photographer, ready to capture whatever you might need captured through photography.

I have had a variety of different types of assignments/jobs, from the usual to the surprising. Just take a look at my portfolio to see how varied my work has been! I’m confident that I can meet your photography needs, too!

For whatever reason you need photography, JHP is the photography service that will take care of you and your shoot’s requirements with the utmost respect, professionalism, and skill and speed.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to working with you to get the images that you desire and/or require!


Jeff is a true professional, he provides great customer service and takes excellent photographs. In my one hour session he was able to take hundreds of shots and I was very happy with the results. He takes great pride in doing the best possible job on pictures and he got them back to me in record time. Next time I am in need of professional looking photos at an affordable price I know to call Jeff!” – Carmen, Washington, DC

Working with Jeff was a great experience. Jeff was very responsive, professional, and flexible with our photo shoot. He made us feel comfortable during the shoot and even had some fun along the way. We are very pleased with the quality of the shots and would recommend working with him. He provided the digital copies as promised in a timely manner and we had no issues. We’d definitely work with him again in the future. – Vivek K., Maryland

I was the chairperson for a large event at our elementary school. I had been looking for a way to do pictures with Santa at the event and had a lot of questions and concerns. Jeff’s website was very easy to navigate and he answered all my questions the same day. I also appreciated his straightforward pricing and booking process.

The night of our event, Jeff took pictures with Santa for two solid hours and got well over 100 beautiful pictures of the kids’ smiling faces. He was professional, smart, and patient, especially working with this age group. The entire thing was exactly what I was looking for. The pictures were ready on disc the very next day. This was a perfect way to have a lot of pictures taken and not worry about prints.

I’m very glad we hired Jeff, we look forward to working with him again! – Stephanie A., Hanover, MD

I love the photos captured during my 40th birthday celebration especially the shots taken outside – love them, love them, love them!

I am really thankful I connected with you the Tuesday before my dinner.  I have so many memories of the evening that will last a lifetime – look forward to looking back at them 5, 10, and 20 years from now!

Awesome work – I will keep you in mind for future events and definitely refer you to those seeking a photographer in the area. – Veronica R., Baltimore, MD

I had a great experience with Jeff last summer in Bethany Beach, DE. We knew we were going on vacation there for our annual family trip, so I searched online for someone local, accommodating with our schedule, and not wedding pricing.

He met us at our perfect beach setting, took about 45 minutes worth of photos of my husband and I, and our 2 and 4 year old children – not easy! And when we returned from our vacation, the CD already arrived with a few hundred photos, over 75 I reprinted, used for holiday cards, put on canvas, etc.

We were very happy with service, results, and would definitely use again next year if he is still in the OC area!! – Tiffany P., Lakewood, CO





Please use the form below to get in touch or to book a photo session.

I prefer clients use the below form, but if you’d like to call/text or email me directly,
I can be reached at 443 803 3992 or


Please see below for examples of recently completed sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about JHP’s photo service? Take a look below at frequently asked questions to see if it’s been answered. If you don’t see your question below, please contact me so I can answer any question you might have!

What’s included in your service?
To start, JHP will come to the location of your choice and perform however many hours of photography you require. Approximately 60 to 100 photos will likely be taken per hour (this is subject to a number of variables and a set amount of photos cannot be predicted, as all sessions are somewhat different).

After the session is finished, I will edit the photos as necessary (including color correction, straightening, cropping, etc.). Once editing is complete, I will place all the images taken during the session on disc or upload it to private online storage. Once the disc(s) is ready, I will send it through the USPS to the address of your choice – or I will email you a private download link, if you choose to download your images. In most instances you’ll have your disc/download link on its way to you the next business day following your session. For downloads, links to the photos download file will remain active for 30 days after the link has been sent.

What’s not included in your service?
JHP does not offer extensive retouching services (such as airbrushing, photo manipulation, etc.) as part of the base rate. “Basic editing” – in other words, the digital equivalent of what a film photographer does in the darkroom to develop an image (like adjusting overall contrast, brightness, color balance, etc.) – is provided for every photo taken by JHP. Given that JHP is a small, one-man operation focused solely on photography, and not a photo manipulating, touch up artist/studio, these are separate services, that require addition amounts of time and additional rates.

For headshots (both professional/business and model/actor), make up guidance is not provided. Editing of facial features, including teeth whitening and hair manipulation are not provided. As mentioned about, “Basic editing” is provided for every photo taken by JHP.

How can I pay?
You may pay by cash or by major credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover). For credit card payments, a Square reader is used. For credit card usage, a 3% fee is added to the total balance due. The total balance due is due at the time of the scheduled session, on-location, in-person.

I need photos this week! Do you accept same-week, next-day, or same-day bookings?
Yes! JHP has the ability to accommodate your last minute booking, usually (depending on availability). Please try to book at least 48 hours before the time you need the session to begin, so we can make sure there is no overlap with other sessions that might be going on that same day. If there’s less than 48 hours before the time you need photography done, please feel free to message me and we’ll try our best to have you covered. JHP will gladly work with you to cover any cancellations made by other photographers you previously scheduled to provide photography services.

Would you be comfortable shooting a [insert event here]?
Yes. I’m confident I can capture whatever kind of event you might throw at me. Portraits and headshots? Certainly. Event photography? Affirmative. Naming ceremony? Sure! Birthday party for your canine companion? Done! Your restaurant’s delicious offerings? You got it! Same-sex or different-sex weddings? Yup! Ethnic, cultural  or religious event of any sort? Of course, no problem there! A new, or well established business that needs photos? Definitely. A bar mitzvah celebration? Been there, done that! All of the above are examples of work I’ve done before. I’d love to add your photo shoot and all it entails and demands to my eclectic list of clients and past work.

Do you shoot weddings?
JHP currently does not have the means to photograph largeelaborate weddings (for example, weddings with 150+ guests are likely to be too large for JHP’s current capabilities). But if your wedding matches with the capabilities of JHP, then I’m confident we can arrange for JHP to capture your special day. Let’s talk and see if we can set something up to meet your needs!

What kind of jobs have you done? Can I see a list?
JHP has completed a wide variety of sessions over the years, requiring unique skills and adaptation to unique situations, environments, and cultures. These sessions include, but are not limited to:

Small weddings and elopements
Commitment ceremonies
Adult birthday parties
Children’s birthday parties
First birthday parties
Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
Excursion birthday parties
Naming ceremonies
Event photography
Baby showers
Anniversary parties
Retirement parties
Family reunions
Holiday parties
Family portraits
Graduation photos
Senior photos
Holiday portraits
Photos with Santa
Beach portraits
Product photography
Business headshots
Talent headshots
Newborn photography
Baby and toddler photography
Portraits of senior citizens
Employee headshots/portraits
Food/restaurant/menu photography
Real estate photography
Architectural and interior photography
Business photography
Travel photography
Documentary photography

What kind of equipment do you use?
JHP uses professional-level Canon cameras, with a variety of accessory equipment such as lenses, flashes, a tripod and monopod, and plenty of memory cards to comfortably save 1000s of high resolution photos. Your images, no matter if they’re delivered on disc by mail or downloaded (they’re the same file), are very high resolution images and have no problem being used in/for a variety printing products, from 4x5s to large canvas prints.

Is JHP completely digital?
JHP strongly believes in the benefits of digital photography. JHP uses all digital processes – the digital darkroom here at JHP headquarters is outfitted with several tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, along with Apple’s Aperture. I am very proficient in the use of these tools, and continue to develop and strengthen digital darkroom-related skills everyday.

In addition to capturing and editing all photos digitally, the end product is also exclusively digital and delivered to you via disc or private download link. JHP does not offer prints of your photos, as it is my belief that by providing you directly with the image files, your costs are being kept to a minimum and your photos will be in your possession sooner. But I’d be happy to recommend a printing service or printing products, if you’d like.

Are the images high resolution?
Yes, all the image files that you will receive are high resolution. The image files are also the exact same whether you elect to have the disc sent of if you choose to download the images via a private download link.

I’m a little ways from Washington, DC. Can I still hire you?
Yes! I have no problem at all traveling, but if your location is 25 miles or greater from the 20001 ZIP code, a $25 travel fee will be added to the Total Balance Due. Every additional mile over 25 miles incurs $1, added to the Total Balance Due. If a travel fee is applicable to your session location, you will be notified in our initial correspondences.

What happens if, for unforeseen circumstances, JHP is unable to complete to job?
If, though highly unlikely, JHP is unable to perform the scheduled photo session for some unforeseen circumstance, (such as vehicle trouble, family emergency, etc.) any retainer fee made will be refunded in full. JHP will also attempt to find or recommend a replacement photographer for the session, if requested. And, as an FYI, I have not missed a single photo session throughout my professional photography career and definitely plan to keep that record going.

Do you offer a document for both you and me to sign?
Yes, I have a Service Summary & Agreement that outlines all the photo session’s details, the balance due at the session, and an overall agreement that will be signed by both you and me. A PDF copy of the contract can be sent through email before the session or you can elect to digitally sign it, if you desire. If not done already, at some point during the session, I will request that you sign two copies of the Service Summary & Agreement (one for you and one for me), just as I have done. Having a signed document allows both parties to feel confident and comfortable that the client is getting what they paid for and the photographer is being paid accordingly. It’s intention is not to make you worry, feel pressured or stress you out – actually, its intention is the exact opposite!

What does the Service Summary & Agreement include? Can I take a look?
Please take a look at a sample Service Summary & Agreement here.

The Service Summary & Agreement outlines the details of our session together and provides an agreement between you, the client, and myself of the policies of JHP’s business practice.

Is a deposit/retainer required?
For sessions 3 hours or longer, a 30% retainer fee (30% of the total payment amount due) is required. You will be advised of the total retainer fee due in our initial correspondence. The retainer fee is required to be paid in full within 48 hours of booking and is payable by cash, credit card (with 3.5% fee) or check. The retainer fee is non-refundable. The retainer fee, along with the signed Service Summary & Agreement, locks in your scheduled date and time for your photo session. Even if another client was to inquire about that date and time, they would be turned away because you are booked for that time.

What’s your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel please have the courtesy to let me know 48 hours in advance. If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before a scheduled session, JHP reserves the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee. For sessions requiring a retainer fee, if a cancellation occurs that retainer fee is forfeited and is not refundable. If a no-show occurs, JHP reserves the right to cancel any scheduled business with that client. A simple email or short phone call telling me of the cancellation works great.

What’s your rescheduling policy?
If you need to move your session date and time, JHP will most likely be able to accommodate your unexpected situation and reschedule. Contact me by phone, text, or email at least 24 hours before our scheduled session together, and we will work to reschedule your session at a time that would work best for the both of us. Rescheduling at least 24 hours is not penalized, but prompt and timely rescheduling is very much appreciated. If rescheduling occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled session time or after the scheduled session time (such as due to a “no-show” by a client), a $10 per hour rescheduling fee will be added to the Total Balance Due, which is due in-person, at the rescheduled session.

Can you explain the reason for requiring payment at the time of the session, in-person?
Two elements have influenced my decision to require payment on-location, during the time of the session. Firstly, I have committed my time and talent to photograph your session. This time and talent is compensated at the end of the session. Given that, payment isn’t totally being made up-front – you are paying for a service that has already been rendered. Secondly, the time and talent it takes to process/edit the photos and the end product (either a disc or download) needs to be paid for ahead of time, in a similar manner in which retail stores work. When going into a store and purchasing a product, the product is only in your possession after you purchase the product through a monetary transaction. I know other photographers both require payment in full at the time of the session and some allow for payment after the final product is received. But, ultimately, JHP believes taking payment in-full at the time of the session is the best business practice at this time. It also is about simplicity – the session is likely the only time you (the client) and I will be in contact in-person.

Also, the Service Summary & Agreement is meant to provide the client with confidence that the end product is guaranteed to be delivered. It would make no sense for a professional photographer with a reputation to uphold to simply show up, take photos, then completely disappear with your money. That’s not what JHP is about. I wish to be as transparent, professional, trustworthy, and reliable as possible.

To summarize, JHP requires payment in-person, on-location at the time of the session, often without exception. If this does not fall in line with your needs, unfortunately JHP will not be able to accommodate these needs without further discussion of your needs. Arrangements may be made in terms of watermarked proofs being delivered before full payment is made, but this is to the discretion of Jeff Harris Photography and may or may not be available. But, JHP is always willing to discuss client needs, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.

What is your sale and refund policy?
All sales are final. But please note Jeff Harris Photography is committed to working with clients to meet and exceed their expectations, and is open to discussing any issues that arise.

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